Below, Michael Engstler, chief technology officer and cofounder of cybersecurity provider Cybellum, weighs whether chief product security officers (CPSOs) should invest more in medical device cybersecurity or if businesses need to approach security in a completely different way.

What if device manufacturers would change their approach to medical device security? As most of us know, positive campaigns are more effective than negative ones. By turning security into an essential generator of business growth instead of a grim reminder of an inevitable doomsday, CPSOs could get the resources they need to ensure medical device security.

Security has business value that can fit into the product’s strategy and marketing positioning. It’s just a matter of changing the mindset.

First and foremost, brand awareness of data privacy and product safety capabilities can turn security into an enabler for customer trust. With the growing number of attacks that are getting media coverage, it’s reassuring for customers (hospitals, clinics and patients) to be able to rely on a secure device.

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