Government data on healthcare breaches that occurred in 2022 shows that the number of cyberattacks on medical networks has continued to rise gradually over the last several years.

A list created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) includes at least 125 electronic data breaches of healthcare organizations reported since the beginning of April. One notable example is the Yuma Regional Medical Center in Arizona; the hospital recently disclosed that it was struck by a ransomware attack that exposed the data of 700,000 individuals.

The Yuma breach was one of the largest disclosed during the last two and a half months, and the largest breach to be identified as a ransomware attack.

It was detected on April 25 and at first identified solely as a data breach before its confirmation as ransomware in letters to potential victims. According to the notification, individuals’ Social Security numbers and other personal data were stolen. The facility’s services remained mostly unaffected, however, thanks to backups and other emergency procedures.

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