A hospital in France was hit by a ransomware attack that has significantly disrupted the location’s medical system.

A wide range of IT systems at [Center Hospitalier Sud Francilien in France] were paralyzed by the cyber attack, with unnamed hackers demanding $10m to unlock the systems and call off the attack, declaring it would release patient data if the demand isn’t met. Staff at the clinic are continuing to work with limited resources as a result of the breach.

The hacking group made its demands in English soon after the attack started late on Saturday night. The attack is being investigated by the Centre for Combating Digital Crime (C3N) a division of the gendarmerie.

Hospital director Gilles Calmes says they have no intention of paying the ransom. Speaking to France 24, he said: “You know the hospital would not pay, has not paid and will not pay this type of ransom.”

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