Cynerio, a New York-based provider of healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity and asset management solutions, announces the launch of its global channel partner program. Led by infosec expert Joel Silberman, Cynerio’s partner program will provide managed service providers, value-added resellers, and managed security service providers servicing hospitals and healthcare systems with a clear path to revenue through marketing and sales support and expert-led education, among other benefits.

The formalization of Cynerio’s channel partner program comes on the heels of the company’s $30 million Series B and 300% year-over-year revenue increase. Through the channel, partners will be able to provide their hospital and healthcare system customers with the first comprehensive security platform designed to detect and remediate threats against connected medical devices, OT systems and enterprise IoT assets.

“Research shows that approximately 68% of medical devices will be connected or able to connect to a health system network by 2025. While connected medical devices are critical to patient care, they are also the most vulnerable to cyberattacks,” says Leon Lerman, CEO and co-founder of Cynerio. “In collaboration with strategic technology vendors, alliances and solution providers, our channel program enables us to better support healthcare providers as they seek the technology necessary to safeguard their organizations from increasingly sophisticated threats.”

Cynerio’s channel program helps partners secure their medical networks via:

  • Risk assessments: Cynerio provides its partners with an automated way to provide their customers with a comprehensive report highlighting the vulnerabilities and risks that are present within their networks, along with a clear and actionable plan to remediate the identified risks. Ransomware, unsupported operating systems, and nomalous outbound and inbound web connections are among the risks customers find most critical for patient safety and operational resilience.
  • Training: Cynerio works with partners to ensure they can deliver the integrated, comprehensive solution that healthcare customers need to maintain the integrity and operational continuity of their networks. This includes preparing partners for all aspects of installation and integration with IT security solutions, ticketing systems, and CMSS solutions, to name a few.
  • Enablement: Partners gain access to materials—ranging from webinars to joint campaigns, presentations, and events—to drive lead generation and awareness.
  • Managed services: By covering all threat vectors, policy validation, customizable UI, and automated steps for implementing security policies within the environment, Cynerio partners can offer managed services to their customers.
  • Service revenue: Channel partners will benefit from significant revenue opportunities from services associated with re-selling the Cynerio solution. Cynerio also enables partners to provide forensic services regarding medical devices, mitigation services, as well as remediation. Based on the automation within the platform, partners are not required to have senior level analysts or devote excessive manual hours to perform activities.

“Security, IoT, and analytics are critical elements that must be addressed as hospitals move to a network based connected healthcare enterprise approach,” says Steve Unger, national healthcare sales manager, tech data. “By partnering with Cynerio, our customers and partners now have the solution that provides the insight and automation to know that patient safety, compliance, and operational uptime will not be compromised by cyberattacks.”