The security of medical devices is expected to remain an ongoing concern for healthcare providers, due heavily to the continued digitization and remote usage of medical equipment and services.

Cybersecurity experts from two leading medical technology organizations warn that cybersecurity concerns are coming to a head in the healthcare space, as of 2021. This is a concern, they argue, not only for information technology (IT) professionals, but also for a hospital’s frontline personnel, who use or maintain interconnected medical devices every day.

“In fact, the greatest security exposure for the installed base of medical devices and systems is in how the medical device owners, operators, and technical support staff acquire, care for, operate, maintain, support, and eventually dispose of those devices/systems,” wrote Stephen Grimes, principal consultant at Strategic Healthcare Technology Associates in Swampscott, MA, and Axel Wirth, chief security strategist at MedCrypt.

In an open-access commentary published in BI&T, the peer-reviewed journal of health technology and sterilization from AAMI, Wirth and Grimes outlined 20 practices that should be followed by frontline personnel involved in either operating or supporting medical devices and systems.

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