With Internet-connected devices more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever, researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio have developed a system that detects affected IoT devices as soon as they are compromised.

Such devices could be deployed in consumer premises and the nation’s critical infrastructure. During the ongoing pandemic, the researchers saw a surge in attacked smart medical devices, which can threaten the privacy of patient data, their safety and violate federal law that protects privacy of patient health information.

“Smart devices are here to stay…But without ensuring a proactive security plan, malicious cyber actors—including state-sponsored threats—can use such unprotected devices to infiltrate every facet of our lives,” said Elias Bou-Harbassociate director of the Cyber Center for Security and Analytics in the College of Business at UTSA, who along with a team of researchers engineered this first-of-a-kind cybersecurity capability. “We see hundreds and thousands of infected IoT devices that are still in operation here in the U.S. without anyone pinpointing them.”

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