Cybellum, maker of the Product Security Platform, announced the launch of Cybellum Academy.

Cybellum Academy is aimed at providing professional content, guidance, and training surrounding product security and creating common practices and methodologies to combat the rise of cyberattacks against mission-critical devices.

The Cybellum Academy covers the most important use cases of product security. Starting from SBOM generation and management, both in theory and in practice, and continuing with vulnerability assessments, product level management, binary analysis, open-source software licensing and more.

Going beyond high-level instructions, the Academy offers both industry insights and product walkthroughs to show examples of how a new update can trigger a workflow or a newly discovered vulnerability can be prioritized and addressed by a team. These include workflows, automations, and Cybellum’s VM Copilot that navigates the landscape of all vulnerabilities and clears the ones that are irrelevant based on a number of factors.

To bridge this knowledge gap and ensure greater uptime and security, the Cybellum Academy is making its Product Security Essentials course available to partners and customers. These sessions include:

  • SBOM management: SBOM generation and management and the full product security walkthrough including automated workflows to better manage resources.
  • Vulnerability management: Dive into identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities of devices in development and also postmarket.
  • Product-level management: Gain a comprehensive birdseye of all product risks and the threats they pose to the organization.

“The launch of our Product Security Academy comes from a recognized need to not only streamline product security processes but educate teams who find themselves responsible for developing secure connected devices,” said Eyal Treital, VP strategic alliances at Cybellum. “We’ve found that many of the foundational product security essentials are relevant to all product security teams– regardless of their industry.”