As part of a new medical imaging project, Carestream will make cloud-based services available to public and private establishments in France’s Ile-de-France region. Under the Shared Regional Medical Imaging Services (S-PRIM) project, Ile-de-France facilities will enjoy the continuity of basic enterprise managing services, such as PACS. The Healthcare Co-operation Group (GSS)—aka Sesan—tendered the agreement, which updates a previous framework agreement, Region Without Film (RSF).

The cloud-based services will enable the secure exchange and sharing of medical imaging data, allowing healthcare professionals and patients across the Île-de-France to collaborate on patient care. Examples of services offered include:

  • The creation of patient folders at a regional or territorial hospital group level, giving access to all prior images available, no matter in which S-PRIM member facility the preceding exams were executed
  • The ability to create integrated clinical pathways and treatment plans, such as managing requests for second opinions from selected experts
  • The capacity to share results with prescribing physicians and patients via a portal that is fully integrated with the regional digital health space, and which offers users secure access to their data, no matter where the exam was performed

GCS Sesan Director Pierre Boiron says he has high hopes for the project, which will offer subscribers access to the “most advanced clinical and collaborative tools at an affordable cost.” In fact, the 39 organizations participating in the RSF framework will migrate the 10 million exams already archived to S-PRIM, in addition to managing 2 million exams per year.

For more information about this technology, visit Carestream.