The FingerSim from BC Biomedical, St Charles, Mo, allows users to test equipment the way it was designed to be used. By placing a FingerSim in a finger cuff and squeezing the color-coded flat end, a pulsatile movement of the solution is produced, which is detected as a pulse by the oximeter system.

The FingerSim system provides a swift and inexpensive means of assessing the function of the entire pulse oximeter system, including the sensor. All kits include a set of three FingerSims, each containing a fluid with precisely controlled light-absorption characteristics sandwiched between two glass slides. It can be used as a stand-alone testing system or in conjunction with one of the company’s pulse generators, allowing users to obtain a calibrated pulse rate along with the saturation level.

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Alpha Source Inc, Milwaukee, carries a wide variety of OEM and alternative brand pulse oximetry products, from reusable and disposable soft- and hard-shell finger sensors to adapter, extension, and preamp cables.

The company carries the Philips-compatible soft tip finger sensor, PR-A-900-1006V (pictured), a reusable, durable, and easy-to-clean finger glove that guarantees a strong grip. The company also offers an extended 18-month warranty on the product.

Contact Alpha Source for pricing and information on all of its pulse oximetry products, as well as xenon and replacement lamps, batteries, oxygen sensors, power protection, fiber optic cables, monitoring accessories, and diagnostic instruments.

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The single-mode button featured on the OxSim pulse oximeter tester from Pronk Technologies, Sun Valley, Calif, automatically detects most major brands of oximeters. The ruggedness of the palm-sized simulator has been established during testing—65 drops from a height of 3.5 feet onto a hard surface. It furnishes 8 hours of continuous simulation on one AA battery. The unit provides four saturation values, three heart rates, and two perfusion levels, which enable users to test the accuracy and sensitivity of an oximeter’s sensor and electronics. Combining OxSim with SimCube and SimSlim provides complete and portable vital signs testing. The product includes a 3-year warranty.

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AIV Inc, Harmans, Md, is an ISO 13485-certified repair depot and manufacturing facility. In addition to repairing a full line of SpO2 finger sensors, AIV offers new, replacement adult reusable SpO2 finger sensors and adapter cables—all equivalent to the OEM and fully shielded. The company’s sensors provide a durable, economical replacement for most patient monitoring systems. Both items ship from stock to ensure fast delivery.

Receive new sensors and cables quickly with AIV’s overnight shipping. The company also offers 3- to 5-day turnaround on sensor repairs to keep downtime to a minimum. Finger sensors include a 1-year warranty, and adapter cables include a 90-day warranty.

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