On April 8,  The Joint Commission released its list of the most challenging requirements for health organizations in 2014. The list revealed that, for hospitals, reducing the risk of infections associated with medical devices and supplies is the top equipment challenge.

For each of the 11 different types of organizations it accredits, The Joint Commission listed the five requirements for which organizations were most frequently cited as “not compliant” during 2014. The top five most challenging requirements in hospitals, along with the percentage of hospitals being cited, were as follows:

  • Establish and maintain a safe, functional environment (56%);
  • Manage risks associated with utility systems (53%);
  • Reduce the risk of infections associated with medical equipment, devices, and supplies (52%);
  • Maintain the integrity of the means of egress (50%);
  • Maintain complete and accurate medical records for each individual patient (49%).

To learn more, visit The Joint Commission website.