Da Vinci Xi

The da Vinci Xi surgical robot from Intuitive Surgical

ECRI Institute is following up on Intuitive Surgical Inc‘s decommissioning of the Da Vinci S surgical robot to announce a new robotic surgery planning service designed to help hospitals and health systems navigate the complexities of robotic surgery.

According to ECRI, hospitals with robotic surgery programs need to consider their robot replacement plans. Facilities should evaluate their adoption of best practices for safety and whether to expand their robotic surgery programs in the future.

ECRI reports that its new service will provide experts to work with hospital decision makers to define the clinical, safety, technology, and business requirements of robotic surgery. The service is designed to help hospitals focus on critical areas such as the practicality and feasibility of implementing a robotic surgery program by providing evidence-based guidance, surgical caseload assessment, and unbiased purchasing recommendations. ECRI service experts will also help hospitals examine how to implement best practices to promote good patient care, safety, and clinical operations, and how to analyze the cost-effectiveness of procedures and processes, robotic-specific consumables, and staff efficiency.

Earlier this month, ECRI Institute released a robotic surgery infographic, which is available for free download from the ECRI website. The infographic is designed to help hospitals and health systems better understand the complexities of robotic surgery and where the technology stands in today’s healthcare system.

For more information, visit the ECRI Institute website.