Bulbtronics, Farmingdale, NY, stocks a large selection of hard-to-find lamps, batteries, and related lighting products for the medical marketplace, including xenon lamps from PerkinElmer as well as bulbs for endoscopes, physician headlamps, and other surgical applications. The company offers 150W, 175W, and 300W lamps, and carries more than 30,000 products from over 150 manufacturers in five locations across the United States. Bulbtronics also offers RECYCLEPAKS from Veolia for the safe disposal of lamps and ballasts containing mercury, and for batteries containing harmful chemicals, in compliance with federally mandated recycling within Universal Waste Regulation guidelines.

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Alpha Source

Alpha Source Inc, Milwaukee, a global distributor of xenon lighting technology, carries PerkinElmer Cermax xenon lamps, available in standard 150, 175, and 300 watts, for most medical lighting applications. Also in stock are ceramic, compact xenon lamps—used in endoscope illuminators, UV curing, microscopy, spectroscopy, and surgical headlight applications—that come with an extended warranty of up to 600 hours and direct replacement.

The company’s Web site offers tips on evaluating xenon lighting options, benefits and applications, comparisons between mercury and xenon lamps, as well as proper handling and safety information.

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