Wanting to be sure all biomed professionals have the opportunity to place a vote in choosing a title for their profession, the Medical Equipment & Technology Association (META) has extended the voting deadline on its title search to September 8.

In early August, META<http://www.mymeta.org/> began accepting votes on its Web site for a standardized title that would easily identify biomedical equipment technicians and the work they do. Hoping to find a one-word title, voters can choose from specific choices provided or write-in a title.

“We want to find one word, if possible, that really says what a biomed does,” said Mary Coker, META president. Referring to the title of “nurse,” Coker says that it is a recognizable title and when a person hears it, they know what job a nurse performs.

Standardizing a name will aid in the growth of the profession by enabling schools to offer programs specifically for this profession that students can readily find. In addition, job searches for a specific title will more easily render appropriate results.

With votes steadily coming in, Coker said the organization wants to be sure all biomeds get the chance to be heard. Vote online< http://www.mymeta.org/vote.html> by September 8—don’t miss this opportunity.