The Samsung Electronics GM85 digital radiography (DR) system, which has received FDA 510(k) clearance, was presented at the recent Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting. The company also highlighted its medical imaging platforms, such as its mobile digital x-ray and advanced ultrasound systems.

Samsung’s DR system enables easy access around tight spaces, even elevators—that’s because of its narrow width (1.82 feet) and weight (769 pounds). With its collapsible column, users have clear visibility when they’re moving the system; it also means greater access in smaller spaces. In addition, navigation is easier with the system’s adaptive soft-driving control and front-bumper sensor.

Users can position the device for multiple source-to-image distance. Its S-Align capability displays the detector’s angle to the tube head unit for precise alignment, which enhances image quality. Optimized workflow is also possible because of its quick-positioning capabilities, which include handle-free, precise body movement within a few button clicks on the tube head unit. With S-Vue, its advanced imaging engine, clinicians have access to sharp, clear images.

BodyTom and CereTom, the company’s portable CT platforms, were also on display. Both systems are used in a wide variety of healthcare settings, including brachytherapy suites, deep brain stimulation, mobile stroke units, and proton therapy centers.

“Our products continue to prove their versatility as more healthcare providers find new innovative ways to use them,” says Philip Sullivan, president and CEO at Samsung NeuroLogica. “RSNA is a great venue for radiologists to learn the diverse ways we are helping hospitals, clinicians, and patients.”

For more information about these products, visit Samsung NeuroLogica.