Handheld Patient Simulator

Clinical Dynamics, Wallingford, Conn, has redesigned and combined 10 simulation and biomedical test products into one synchronized and handheld device, the AccuSim total patient simulator. The device accurately simulates, tests, and calibrates patient monitors. AccuSim provides synchronized simulation accuracy by utilizing the company’s NIBP CalTables and SpO2 simulation R-curves. Other features of the simulator include a built-in pressure meter with a high-accuracy pressure transducer; built-in adult NIBP cuff mandrel; accurate second-generation SpO2 simulation with R-curves; respiration simulation; temperature simulation; the ability to test Masimo’s Rainbow technology and other new pulse oximetry technologies; 12-lead ECG simulation; invasive blood pressure simulation; USB connectivity; and Internet-updateable firmware. In addition, AccuSim’s optional dashboard PC utility is a fully featured remote control suite for complete automated testing utilizing USB connectivity.

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Dose Area Product Meters

Radcal, Monrovia, Calif, has partnered with VacuTec, Dresden, Germany, to produce VacuDAP dose area product (DAP) meters for North America. VacuDAP meters, used for patient dose measurements, do not affect the routine operation and give the opportunity to measure total dose to the patient site in order to minimize the radiation risk. In order to comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 1020.32 for fluoroscopic equipment, Radcal will initially offer the Air Kerma meter, VacuDAP duo. The two-field measuring system is designed for simultaneous measurements of air kerma, air kerma rate, DAP, DAP rate, and irradiation time. The measuring system works via serial interface with the host PC or a stand-alone display unit. Bluetooth versions are also available.

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Endoscope Light Measurement System

International Light Technologies, Peabody, Mass, offers a light measurement system designed specifically for the endoscopy market. The endoscope light measurement system (ELMS), a handheld instrument, can measure the luminous radiation of standard medical endoscopic light sources, fiber bundles, and complete endoscopes. The ELMS consists of a light meter, detector, and adapters to interface with endoscopic equipment common in surgical applications. Compatible with all major manufacturers of endoscope light sources, fiber bundles, and scopes, it provides the user with objective and repeatable measurements of the light output from each of the components in the endoscope chain.

The device also establishes “hard data” quality assurance for endoscopic devices, reduces the number of “insufficient light” failures in the OR, qualifies new and repaired endoscopes before use, reduces the number of unnecessary or premature lamp replacements, offers accurate trending of performance changes in endoscopic devices and components, and allows biomeds to quickly troubleshoot light-related endoscopic system failures.

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InfusOR Infusion Pump Repair

AIV Inc, Harmans, Md, a manufacturer of medical devices and replacement parts, will continue to support Baxter’s InfusOR infusion pumps for 5 years after the OEM’s official end-of life deadline. The OEM has discontinued manufacturing the pump, but will offer repair services and parts (subject to availability) until December 31, 2012.

AIV Inc will extend repair services to those customers whose lease agreements extend beyond the end of the year. A small inventory of new InfusOR pumps is still available for purchase, but with a 30-day warranty due to a limited supply of replacement parts. AIV offers flat rate repair services, replacement cases, and keypads for the InfusOR. Additional replacement parts will be developed during 2012.

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