Did you catch our podcasts earlier this month on benchmarking? “The Importance of Benchmarking” is a three-part series that only takes a few minutes to listen to and features our guest Matthew F. Baretich, PE, PhD, president of Baretich Engineering Inc, Fort Collins, Colo.

Matt defines benchmarking and its benefits, what information a clinical/biomedical engineering department needs to collect, and what to do with the information once you have it.

Improving performance is a natural outcome, and a part of all this is best practices. In the podcast, Matt shares that “best practices are tools you can use to achieve your benchmarks.”

How has benchmarking worked for you? What benefits have you seen? We hope you’ll share your tips on benchmarking and the best practices that have helped you reach your goals. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the free podcast, you can find it on our Web site.

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