The Florida Biomedical Society (FBS) announced on May 1 that it is actively supporting efforts to celebrate Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week, scheduled for May 18–24. HTM week is the annual celebration sponsored by AAMI’s Technology Management Council (TMC).

According to FBS past-president and webmaster Frederick McMurtrie, CBET, the organization will be undertaking a variety of activities in support of HTM week. In addition to promoting the activities of AAMI and other societies that are supporting the event, the FBS will “provide support to our local chapters as needed and wish our members, OEMs, vendors, ISOs, and other supporters of FBS a Happy HTM week with a digital thank you card.”

McMurtrie added that the FBS board “will be available to field questions and provide answers concerning our profession for local news media.” Finally, he said, “FBS will hold a contest among our local chapters for the slogan that best captures the spirit of the HTM profession.” FBS will give a cash prize to the chapter that comes up with the best slogan, which will also be featured in the society’s newsletter and website. As an example of the kind of slogan FBS is looking for, McMurtrie suggested. “Healthcare technology management professionals support the equipment that supports LIFE.”

For more information, visit the Florida Biomedical Society’s website.