One topic that frequently arises when speaking with leaders of local biomed associations is travel distance for many members. Often, the association tries to place itself in a centralized location for its member base, but unfortunately, many times, members still need to drive upwards of an hour or two simply to attend meetings. With escalating gas prices and strenuous work schedules, this distance likely accounts for much of the low attendance at biomed meetings.

If you struggle with attendance at association meetings, is it because of travel distance or are there other factors? Has your local biomed association made an attempt to move meetings to different locations in an effort to reduce travel time for some of its more distant members? If not, have leaders/members ever broached the topic during meetings?

Associations are also utilizing teleconferences and Web resources to reach members at distant locations. Some groups will broadcast meetings live via their Web site, while others supply the educational materials at a later date. Has your local biomed association begun using these Web resources?