Nihon Kohden has announced a multiyear partnership with the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) to advance its mission of promoting the safe adoption and use of health care technology. Through December 2018, the company will provide financial resources, as well as employee participation in AAMI’s National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety and its National Coalition to Promote Preparation for Utilization of Complex Technology.

“We know that when we put our technology in the hands of clinicians, a patient’s life may be at stake, and that patient could be a friend or family member,” says Wilson P. Constantine, MD, CEO of Nihon Kohden America. “So we share AAMI’s deep commitment to putting patient safety first. We applaud the organization for the important work it is doing and look forward to partnering in the years to come.”

Alarm management processes can be complex and can vary greatly among hospitals and even within different units in a single hospital. AAMI created its National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety to bring health care providers and industry together to identify, develop, and share best practices. To help providers address these issues, Nihon Kohden recently launched its Aware Alarm Management and Reporting software system, designed to help hospitals improve alarm management and reduce alarm fatigue.

AAMI’s National Coalition to Promote Preparation for Utilization of Complex Technology is a multidisciplinary initiative aimed at helping clinicians better prepare for using new health care technologies. In addition to addressing the needs of clinicians, biomedical engineers, and industry as they work together toward this goal, the project will also strive to identify effective methods to educate patients on healthcare technology they may face during a hospital encounter. The objective is to nurture educated consumers, better equipped to understand and comply with treatment.

“We are delighted to have Nihon Kohden lend its health care technology expertise to our alarm management safety and complex technology utilization initiatives,” says Marilyn Neder Flack, executive director and senior vice president of patient safety initiatives for the AAMI Foundation. “The company’s commitment to these issues is apparent, and we believe they will provide great contributions over the next few years.”