MDII CompendiumAAMI has released a 50-page compendium about medical device connectivity to assist facilities with the integration of medical devices with electronic health records (EHRs). Written by Luis Melendez over a period of 3 years, Medical Device Integration and Informatics covers topics such as multi-vendor device interoperability, medical device data archival systems, and room automation systems.

The document includes tips for mapping, executing, and supporting ongoing medical device integration initiatives. Melendez, the associate director of clinical device/biomedical device integration with Partners HealthCare in Boston, also covers regulations and standards, organizational structure, project management, system selection and implementation, security, and operations and support.

“No two installations are the same, and only the most fundamental principles apply equally to all installations,” he noted in an interview with AAMI. “Individual organizations will need to discern how the topics and discussion points apply best to their conditions.”

The full compendium is available free of charge through the AAMI website.