Where were the intrusive paparazzi when we needed them? When you read our cover story this month, you might notice that we don’t have as many photos as usual depicting the profile team in action. As circumstances would have it, the day of the photo shoot turned out to be a perfect example of the immediacy of situations and how critical your work is.

Camera in hand, photographer Robin Miller was able to catch some solo shots of James R. Knight, CBET, supervising engineer at Sonora Regional Medical Center of Adventist Health CES Sonora, Sonora, Calif, and a few others of James with Glenn Pangburn, CBET, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. The day of the session, two incidents required the complete attention of the team. One in particular called for an “all hands on deck” approach.

The day of the shoot, James and Glenn took a call to diagnose and fix the one gamma camera at the facility. With a full list of patients scheduled and waiting, they worked under pressure to restore its use in order to keep the patient flow in motion.

Meanwhile, an extreme situation took place near the OR when a steam pressure release valve triggered an overhead sprinkler, which caused an enormous quantity of water to blanket the substerile room. The clinical engineering team had to act quickly to shut off every piece of equipment, unplug each one, and get them out of the room. Unfortunately, in the aftermath, everything needed repair and this incident resulted in thousands of dollars of damage, days of recovery work, and a lot of overtime. When James and I talked about the incident, which occurred on a Wednesday, he said they worked on it from that point on through the weekend.

“It shows how we’re really 24/7,” James said. “We had to work around the clock because patient care can’t wait.”

Fortunately, most of your workdays aren’t so disastrous, but this highlights the skill and dedication needed to mitigate a situation like this. Of course, it’s too bad it happened at all, but especially so on this day, which prevented the photographer from capturing more of the team in action.

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Julie Kirst