Sensifree, a provider in advanced hemodynamic monitoring, received a CE certificate for the SentiCor-100 monitoring device in compliance with the new EU MDR. SentiCor-100 is the world’s first PPG based Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (cNIBP) monitoring device approved for hospital use.

“This is an important landmark in our journey to set a new standard of care in hospital blood pressure monitoring” says Eran Agmon, CEO and co-founder of Sensifree. “The use of the low-cost, safe and trusted PPG sensor truly opens up the door for widespread deployment of cNIBP monitors in hospitals.”

Sensifree also announced a new OEM product release – SentiCor-X. Sensifree’s clinically validated, patented innovative monitoring technology is now offered for integration into patient monitors and other medical devices that require advanced BP monitoring capabilities, packed in a small form factor and with standard interfaces.

“We see OEM customers as an important sales channel,” says Agmon. “Our technology lends itself for simple integration into ordinary patient monitors, allowing manufacturers to make their products stand out in the market. We are actively engaged with our business partners on bringing such products to the market in the very near future.”

Sensifree is an ISO13485 medical device company developing products based on its patented proprietary technology for advanced hemodynamic monitoring.

Featured image: SentiCor-100 – continuous non-Invasive blood pressure monitoring system. Photo: Sensifree