A new online portal focused on helping biomeds prepare for their Certification for the Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) exams will debut in late April. According to co-founder Manny Jimenez, CBET, BSEET, the CBET Academy hopes to “connect biomedical technicians with the resources and study materials they need to ace the CBET exam and obtain continuing education credits.”

Manny Jimenez

Manny Jimenez

Jimenez notes that the site will include the CBET flashcards found in the iPhone app iCBET, which Jimenez introduced in 2013. In addition, the site will feature “a full self-paced review course and full mock exams that are generated randomly but display the correct amount of questions seen on the actual test,” Jimenez says. The results of the mock exams will be analyzed, he adds, and the user’s performance graphed to help identify areas for further study.

At some point after the site’s launch, Jimenez adds, it “will also offer introductory courses for individuals who are looking to enter the healthcare technology industry, and continuing education courses taught by industry experts.”

Jimenez reports that he shared the coding and design responsibility for the new website with his co-founder and fellow BMET Samuel Mbassa and content specialist Laetitia Donnet.

A preview version of the site is live now at cbetacademy.com. Monthly subscription rates will range from $5 to $12. According to the website, lifetime discounts of 50% are currently available.