The Healthcare Technology Management Association of South Carolina (HTMA-SC) will hold a 1-day conference in Columbia, SC, on May 1, 2015. On offer will be educational classes for technicians and managers, a lunchtime keynote speaker, and ample opportunity to socialize with other biomeds from South Carolina and beyond. An exhibit hall will feature our corporate sponsors and others companies.

The event will be held in the South Carolina Hospital Association’s William L. Yates Conference Center in Columbia, SC. Organizers expect more than 80 attendees and 22 exhibitors. Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks. In consideration of the cost pressures that healthcare is under, organizers say, there will be no admission fee for attendees this year.

Because Columbia is centrally located in South Carolina, about 2 hours from any part of the state, the association invites attendees from North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee as well as South Carolina.

Questions or suggestions for classes may be emailed to Todd Hazzard at [email protected].