AeroScout Inc, a provider of Wi-Fi-based active RFID visibility solutions, has announced several enhanced features and capabilities for its AeroScout T2 tag. The T2 tag is a Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tag used for asset tracking and management, with tens of thousands of units being shipped each month to customers around the globe, according to the company.

New features on the AeroScout T2 tag include a built-in temperature monitor and motion sensor for asset management capabilities. The motion sensor provides transmission control based on movement of the tag, improving real-time location accuracy and enabling a 4+ year battery life in most customer environments. The temperature sensor provides an additional stream of asset management data for environment-sensitive assets, enabling the tag to wirelessly trigger a remote alert if the temperature goes above or below a certain threshold. In addition, advanced call button and LED functions, intrinsically safe and electromagnetic certifications on the tag, and extendable battery life (up to 8 years) all enable customers to enhance asset management capabilities.

“These new features not only demonstrate how AeroScout continues to deliver trusted location based services solutions to the health care market, but also extend the Wi-Fi-based active RFID capabilities currently available in the Cisco Clinical Connection Suite,” said Kent Gray, Healthcare Industry Solutions Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc. “The new tag functionality is particularly attractive to our hospital customers because extended battery life and advanced security are critical for effective asset management and loss prevention.”