The ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization (PSO) has announced a new partnership with Coastal Insurance Company’s Healthcare Improvement Patient Safety Organization (HIPSO) to provide enhanced patient safety services. HIPSO offers a compliant and AHRQ-accredited PSO supplemented by ECRI Institute.

According to ECRI and Coastal’s HIPSO, the partnership is intended to equip users with the tools and resources needed to improve patient safety outcomes.

Coastal’s HIPSO was created to assist members in adhering to the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act’s (PSQIA) requirements to report patient safety events. With the new updates to CMS requirements, Coastal decided to offer its members a more robust solution, and the new partnership with ECRI PSO is aimed at addressing the specific needs of members while allowing them access to the tools needed for improving the quality of patient care.

As a partner, ECRI Institute PSO provides access to in-depth patient safety resources, which enable healthcare providers to learn from adverse events and near misses by creating a culture of safety through data collection and analysis. ECRI Institute PSO’s analytics team, which has analyzed more than one million event reports, includes physicians and nurses; quality, legal, and risk management professionals; individuals with safety, education, science, and engineering backgrounds; statisticians and data analysts; and information technology experts.

For more information about the programs and the partnership, visit the ECRI website.