Radcal Corp, Monrovia, Calif, announced on September 25 it has established a product-promotion partnership with Rigel Medical, Tampa, Fla. The arrangement officially begins on October 1, 2014.

Radcal specializes in the design and manufacture of affordable radiation measuring systems for dose and noninvasive kV. Rigel manufactures a wide range of advanced biomedical test equipment. Through a partnership promoting complementary products and support services, the companies hope “to deliver more value and broader solutions to their customers.”

According to Rigel’s Jack Barrett, the partnership will give his company’s “sales channels the opportunity to promote the best products available.” Pat Pyers of Radcal added that, “Both companies have established themselves as leaders in their respective test disciplines and share many of the same customers. We look forward to working together with Rigel Medical to solidify this partnership.”