Novarad, American Fork, Utah, has introduced new radiology technologies into its diagnostic suite. The diagnostic suite includes more than a dozen modular radiology technologies that run as either standalone products, or combined into a facility-customized system. The products and product enhancements include:

  • NovaPACS enhancements include virtual colonoscopy with 3D, multi-frame views, hands-free fly through control displaying six simultaneous views, auto zoom, and focus on the endoscopic location. For cardiologists, enhancements include automatic vessel finding. Screen shot captures are automatically saved to the PACS.
  • NovaRIS Billing includes enhanced features to manage patient accounts including viewing unbilled procedures, adding/editing/deleting claims, and batch processing.
  • The NovaDash – Radiology Dashboard presents historical, current, and predictive views of radiology practice operations to give real insight into the health of the practice.