Nexent Innovations Inc, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, a provider of service management software for medical equipment service organizations, introduces a new mapping feature for its all-in-one Miracle Service planner. 

The new feature uses MapPoint technology to plot the most efficient course for technicians on the road by providing turn-by-turn driving directions. The technology also provides advance calculations of total mileage, drive time, and expenses.

Jobs can also be sorted by customer type, job type, and by assigned technician, making it possible for service companies to visually see which technician is closest to a job and has time available to take new calls.

In addition, customer details such as addresses and phone numbers can be sent to technicians’ mobile devices.

Clients can also combine these features with the Miracle Service Blackberry or Pocket PC portals to gain access to real-time information, such as changes, updates, and reschedules as they happen.