Barco announces that St. Joseph’s Health Care London, in Ontario, Canada, has purchased a comprehensive array of Barco Coronis Fusion 6MP DL diagnostic display systems for their advanced radiology services.

The 30-inch Coronis Fusion 6MP DL allows radiologists to view images from a diverse range of clinical modalities on a single workstation. A multi-modality performance option makes it possible for clinicians to display grayscale, color-enhanced, and fused images side-by-side.

The hospital will also receive Barco’s MediCal QAWeb system, an intervention-free service for display calibration, quality assurance, and asset management. This advanced software service will provide the facility with intervention-free DICOM calibration, plus automated Quality Assurance and reporting. 

St. Joseph’s Health Care London is a major patient care, teaching and research center in Ontario with a focus on five key areas, including acute/ambulatory care, complex care and veterans care, long-term care, rehabilitation and specialized geriatrics and specialized mental health care.