Bernoulli Health, a Milford, Conn-based provider of real-time technologies for connected healthcare, today announced the successful launching of its advanced Bernoulli One clinical surveillance, medical device integration (MDI), and real-time data analytics platform at Virginia Hospital Center (VHC), in Arlington, Va.

Using Bernoulli One, varying brands and types of patient care devices including physiologic monitors, ventilators, incubators, CRRT systems, and perfusion equipment as well as the hospital’s Epic EHR are now integrated. The deployment spans multiple hospital areas, including preoperative and postoperative areas, critical care units, stepdown units, emergent care, cardiac cath lab, and interventional radiology.

Further, a once laborious manual process of printing and scanning waveform strips by nursing staff is now an automated process with Bernoulli One, which integrates scheduled and on-demand patient ECG waveform reports with clinical annotation directly into the patient’s EMR.

“This is a huge time saver for nurses and physicians,” says Mike Mistretta, Chief Information Officer of Virginia Hospital Center. “The workflow enhancement will speed data entry, waveform reviews by physicians, and will positively impact cost savings while supporting quality of care.”

Bernoulli One is designed to support integration between a comprehensive array of medical devices and clinical systems from every major manufacturer using standards-based data protocols and the existing network infrastructure. The system pairs historical data from the EHR with real-time streaming data, to identify early signs of patient deterioration. The solution has FDA Class II clearance, which means it can be used for active patient monitoring as well as secondary alarm notification.

What’s more is that it is a cost-effective solution, providing comprehensive connectivity and platform monitoring tools that do not require expensive add-ons, easy plug-and-play device connectivity, the highest level of patient data security and privacy, integrated clinical mobility, and positive patient association, company officials say.

“Virginia Hospital Center chose Bernoulli in part because of our proven track record with medical device integration, but also because our team was able to fulfill their request to automate the waveform report” into EHR processes. “We believe many hospitals can take advantage of this functionality to help reduce the burden of documentation and enhance caregiver satisfaction.”

For more information, visit Bernoulli Health.