Jetico, a developer of HIPAA-compliant encryption, has released version 2.0 of its BestCrypt Base software. Designed in response to a growing number of HIPAA data breaches, the software allows simple, transparent distribution of encryption policies for removable storage devices.

“Last year, one third of all data breaches were reported as due to loss or theft of unencrypted portable devices, like laptops and USB sticks,” says Jetico CEO Michael Waksman. “With the barrage of costly HIPAA fines in the news, more and more healthcare offices are seeking a solution to this problem. By definition, encryption is the answer—disguising sensitive data from unwanted eyes—yet encryption is too often perceived as complicated and expensive.”

BestCrypt Base version 2.0 enables USB devices to be programmed according to user need. Office-based use employs remote key storage, according to Department of Health and Human Services recommendations, ensuring encryption keys reside apart from patient data. No passwords are required, and drives become automatically accessible upon being plugged in. USB devices used offline or outside the office require password entry upon plugin. In addition, unencrypted removable drives are programmed to be accessible with read-only rights, or not at all. Sensitive data must be created, copied, or modified only on encrypted removable devices, protecting it from leaving the central facility.

Additional features include protection against malware injection by blocking removable drives from read/write access and full support for UEFI-based computers. For more information, visit Jetico.