ProntoForms Corp., Ottawa, Canada, known for its field-focused low-code application platforms for enterprise, announces that a global medical device manufacturer completed a phased roll-out to over 800 field technicians.

The global medical brand, with more than $10 billion of annual sales and operations in more than 100 countries, manufactures healthcare equipment that is installed in hospitals, clinics, and care facilities. They needed a solution to help technicians reliably handle complex inspections and preventative maintenance within strict, evolving healthcare regulations. They also needed to generate proof of service reports for audits using custom documents and contextual routing workflows.

It was critical that their solution seamlessly integrate with their deployment of Salesforce Field Service. By extension, since many hospital floors limit or forbid devices connected to cell or WiFi networks, ProntoForms’ capabilities to send data between apps without a network connection and to complete and submit work offline were critical for their ultimate deployment of ProntoForms.

The organization’s product line workflow roll-out was expedited by five months based on implementation success. They are exploring deploying ProntoForms into a new use case and into new geographies; aftermarket service/repair inspection, and implementation into European divisions.

“We’re pleased by this organization’s impressive ramp-up and the further opportunities for expansion,” says Alvaro Pombo, founder and chief executive officer of ProntoForms. “With such a focus on compliance, ProntoForms was the right fit for them. As medical field engineers’ work—and the rigorous compliance surrounding that work—becomes more complex, ProntoForms adds a powerful agility to meet their aftermarket maintenance and service objectives. Ultimately, in the medical manufacturing industry, this means delivering on a simpler, painless audit experience and the ability to rapidly update workflows whenever regulations or protocols change.”