FSI Services has partnered with healthcare management professional Theodore Pappas to help healthcare systems reevaluate their space management approach from a cost-savings and software perspective, using FSI’s CMS Space Manager product.

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Prior to joining FSI, Pappas held several leadership positions at Jensen Hughes, Chartis, and over 22 years at ATG, a JLL company – a facility information consulting firm. 

“Space is the largest, most valuable asset within a healthcare organization,” says Pappas, healthcare facility information specialist for FSI. “All departments are impacted, from design and construction, finance, compliance and safety, [to] real estate, and property management. Within those teams, I see space managed at a very basic level within hospitals. What they need is the right tools to make educated, cost-effective decisions before jumping to – let’s build, expand, buy.”

In the past, hospitals relied on a physical pen and paper process – large-scale paper plots in tubes, binders, disks with files. The industry has since evolved, with several cloud-based solutions that allow technicians to access information on their phone, tablet, or computer, regardless of their location.

“Ted’s experience was exactly what we needed to elevate our space management product—CMS Space Manager—in the market,” explains Chris Lang, director of Strategic Business Development at FSI. “We’re hearing more from customers and at industry events that hospital staff are expected to do more with less. Taking advantage of a comprehensive tool that reduces manual tasks and saves money is how teams solve for this expectation.”

With Space Manager, benefits include:

  • Reducing overspend on materials: Users can import polylined CAD drawings and instantly calculate square footage to help accurately estimate remodeling costs
  • 100% regulatory reimbursement: Easily maintain accurate rooms, floors, and utilization square footage calculations to ensure 100% Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.
  • Eliminating manual square footage calculations: With a few mouse clicks, calculate sq. ft.
  • Maintaining a centralized database with every building’s CAD drawings in one place.

Launched in 2002, FSI was created by and for healthcare service professionals and engineers, offering a purpose-built CMMS specifically for healthcare-managed operations. FSI’s 1,000-plus hospital segments rely on a full suite of services and software that empowers their teams to use data to make smart decisions: including on-site data collection, barcoding, and CAD services.