Royal Philips
has expanded its medical device cybersecurity services portfolio, the company announced at HIMSS22.

Philips is introducing Secure Remote Access Management Service, leveraging the broad set of security capabilities enabled by the integration of SecureLink’s critical access management and governance technology with Philips Remote Services’ secure connectivity framework for technical and clinical support. The services provide benefits for healthcare providers including increased uptime, clinical performance, and advanced security to help protect access to their clinical solutions and medical devices.

“We are continuously expanding the foundation of Philips Cybersecurity Services and this type of integration is a strong complement to our offering, giving our customers more options for building robust cybersecurity programs,” says Gal Gnainsky, head of security at Philips. “As healthcare providers’ cybersecurity requirements continue to increase, partnering with SecureLink highlights Philips’ focus on offering best-in-class solutions to provide more secure access management and protect health networks down to granular device level.”

Philips Remote Services

Remote services have become an essential component of the digital transformation of healthcare. Philips’ portfolio of remote services is utilized to monitor key performance parameters for many clinical systems and devices on a continuous basis and alert customers of potential issues and rectify them, often remotely, before they result in system or device failures that interrupt patient care.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they played an important role in helping to keep hospitals operational at a time when on-site maintenance was logistically difficult.

Combatting Cybersecurity Threats

By integrating with SecureLink’s vendor privileged access management and governance capabilities, the Philips Remote Services portfolio now provides additional capabilities, offering a uniform level of security, visibility, traceability, and audit capability needed for critical access management and data security. SecureLink’s solutions allow customers to manage privileged access sessions with rich audit logging, limiting access to relevant devices and systems and granting only ‘need to know’ permissions required to monitor or maintain them.

SecureLink is the industry leader in critical access management, empowering organizations to secure access to their most valuable assets, including networks, systems, and data. By partnering with Philips we are extending the web of security offered by our critical access management technology across their customer base and the healthcare ecosystem at large,” says Joel Burleson Davis, chief technology officer of SecureLink.

“With cybercrime in healthcare at an all-time high, partnerships like that between SecureLink and Philips are essential to protecting healthcare systems, data and patients from today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats,” Davis adds.

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