Medcrypt has partnered with NetRise, a company providing granular visibility into the world’s XIoT security problem, to address critical cybersecurity challenges in the healthcare industry.

This partnership will provide medical device manufacturers (MDMs) with a software bill of materials (SBOM) lifecycle management solution that will enable device makers to proactively identify and address potential security risks and ensure the safety and integrity of their medical devices.

The collaboration between Medcrypt and NetRise aims to improve medical device security by combining Medcrypt’s expertise in vulnerability identification and management with NetRise’s capabilities in generating SBOMs for embedded devices and firmware. This partnership provides medical device manufacturers with a comprehensive solution to safeguard their devices against potential cyber risks throughout their entire lifecycle.

“As with everything in tech, the vulnerability management space is constantly evolving. We chose to partner with NetRise because our technologies have a clear synergy. This partnership allows us to build a medical device-specific workflow that aligns seamlessly with the requirements of key stakeholders in the healthcare industry,” says Mike Kijewski, CEO of Medcrypt. “With NetRise’s offerings integrated into our vulnerability management solution, Helm, we can support a broader range of use cases, ensuring our customers have the most robust and compliant cybersecurity measures in place.”

Medcrypt will integrate NetRise’s SBOM generation capabilities into Helm, extending the support for SBOMs throughout the entire lifecycle of medical devices. NetRise will offer medical device manufacturers the ability to generate, ingest, enrich, manage, and monitor SBOMs, providing critical visibility into the underlying vulnerabilities of their embedded devices and firmware.

“This collaboration brings together NetRise’s industry-leading SBOM generation capabilities with Medcrypt’s extensive experience in the medical device manufacturing space,” says Thomas Pace, CEO of NetRise. “This combination offers the best SBOM lifecycle management solution in the industry, empowering manufacturers to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities effectively.”

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