A Dallas-based software developer used in his community an innovative idea first researched by a professor at Stanford University. Dozens of donated CPAP and BiPAP machines that are no longer in use are heading to Sanjay Jupudi and his team at Qentelli.

“The way I live my life is to make things, which fits perfectly,” says Jupdi. “It doesn’t benefit me or our business, but the world is suffering from a pandemic, and we can’t close our eyes and say,’Oh, afflict them.’ “

Jupudi was able to reconfigure the old CPAP into a ventilator for hospitals that still lack the proper equipment. His mission is to deliver 1,000 ventilators to a local hospital in his native India, and to date he has shipped more than 100 ventilators. “I was talking to a friend. He said there were 500 incidents yesterday in a small town of 120,000 people,” says Jupdi.

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