Many companies have stepped up to the proverbial plate during the COVID-19 pandemic and joined the rush to produce life-saving ventilators. Here is one of them.

This is the story of how one small medical device engineering design and manufacturing firm in Houston, Velentium, rose to the task by testing Ventec Life Systems VOCSN ventilator systems to ensure mass production of many thousands of them at the idled General Motors Kokomo, Indiana, manufacturing plant.   

Velentium was able to double its internal team with 60 more contractors in project engineering and other roles, many of them recruited from companies hurt by the pandemic as well as the oil and gas sector based in Houston.  By the numbers, Velentium worked around the clock to provide in four weeks the first 90 test systems out of a total of 141 to ensure the ventilators met FDA-approved standards. 

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