The global operating room equipment market is expected to grow to $48.5 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Million Insights. Factors such as technological transformations, infrastructural development, and high investments in medical devices by healthcare facilities are expected to spur the medical equipment demand over the forecast period, the researchers say.

The growing demand for improved medical facilities coupled with a transition from conventional to state-of-the-art operation theaters is anticipated to escalate the OR equipment market over the forecast period, according to the report. Advanced surgical tools and equipment also are anticipated to fuel demand for OR equipment, say the researchers, who also attribute the increase to a high occurrence of medical disorders among the elderly, and the worldwide prevalence of life-threatening diseases and chronic conditions.

Additionally, the advent of hybrid ORs has prompted the installation of multi-purpose equipment, enabling automated results coupled with high operational efficiency, providing ample space for the introduction of high end equipment, according to the report. Advanced operating tables, surgical booms, integration systems, surgical light sources, and surgical imaging display are integral parts of hybrid OR theaters, the researchers note.

However, there are some potential roadblocks to the expected market growth in OR equipment, according to the report. Most notably is the high costs associated with advanced medical equipment, which the researchers say could hamper introduction of new OR technology in hospitals. While another key challenge is a lack of skilled manpower required to handle complex devices. Because the OR is the economic engine of most hospitals—sometimes accounting for as much as 60% of overall revenue—most facilities will make the added investments in equipment, the researchers say.

On a regional basis, the researchers expect Europe and North America to emerge as the largest of the global markets due to their penchant for employing the latest technological innovations in their ORs, as well as an overall increase in the number of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. While population increases in the Asia-Pacific region, including India, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea, should drive investments in OR technology, according to the Million Insights report.