There is room for expansion in the use of wearable medical devices, including monitoring patients remotely and managing chronic health conditions, reports Design News

Because of their mobility and their flexibility, wearable medical devices can make life easier, Bill Betten, president of Betten Systems Solutions LLC, told MD+DI. Adoption of wearable health technology has been on a slow path, but changes in healthcare because of COVID-19 are driving interest for a number of reasons. Betten hopes that progress will continue long after the pandemic ends, and he points to a number of opportunities for innovators.

When it comes to wearables, most people think of Fitbit and Apple Watch, Betten explained, but there is a market for wearable medical devices that could be used in a clinical environment. 

Wearable medical devices also provide the opportunity for real-time monitoring of conditions outside the hospital, he said, pointing to devices that would be needed for episodic care (for treatment and rehabilitation for a specific condition) and to those for chronic disease care of ongoing conditions.    

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