CareTaker Medical, a wireless medical device firm based in Charlottesville, Va, has received FDA clearance for its wireless continuous heart rate and noninvasive blood pressure monitor.

Using a patented low-pressure finger cuff and pulse decomposition analysis technology, the wearable monitor enables uninterrupted, “beat by beat,” electrode-free vital signs monitoring throughout the full mobile continuum of care, even after patient discharge. The monitor’s accuracy exceeds AAMI requirements, measuring heart rate as accurately as a 3-lead ECG for remote display on the CareTaker secure web portal or other wireless devices.

Unlike other continuous “beat by beat” blood pressure solutions mainly used in critical care settings, the CareTaker monitor doesn’t require an invasive arterial catheter or complex equipment. The finger cuff can be worn continuously, even during sleep, and onboard cellular and bluetooth capabilities enable integration with other devices, remote patient monitoring platforms, and hospital electronic medical record systems.

“Until now, most clinicians have had to settle for intermittent ‘point-in-time’ blood pressure measurements using bulky arm cuffs, which can produce misleading results due to the influence of many factors such as movement, posture, anxiety, or caffeine,” says Jay Sanders, MD, adjunct professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. “In remote monitoring settings, the ability to gather continuous blood pressure and vital sign data from such an integrated easy-to-use device will provide better information and improve patient compliance while reducing cost and workload.”

For more information, visit CareTaker Medical.