HAPevolve, a subsidiary company of the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), announced an endorsed partnership with Mazree, an asset disposition platform, to support Pennsylvania hospitals and health systems sell and capture more revenue for their retired medical equipment.

Mazree enables healthcare organizations to easily list or redeploy their used equipment or unwanted items. The solution reduces the need for trying to find buyers or managing trade-ins.  With auctions ending every day and a national network of specialized buyers, the platform enables health systems to sell equipment quickly and receive maximum value for it.

Mazree also provides full transparency of buyers with fair bidding and complete auditing of the entire bidding process, avoiding risk of improper selling practices. Sellers can list and buyers can bid online or through Mazree’s simple and fully automated mobile app.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has financially challenged hospitals and health systems in ways they’ve never been before,” says HAPevolve President Joe Tibbs. “HAPevolve’s partnership with Mazree will be a valuable tool for hospitals seeking to improve their processes in dealing with used equipment, increase transparency, and drive additional revenue streams.”

This partnership will bring Pennsylvania’s hospitals and health systems exclusive access to Mazree’s features, including:

  • Listing Wizard—Sellers utilize Mazree’s listing wizard to easily photograph and list their items available for sale, all in just three fast and easy steps
  • Mobile App—Listing and buying can be done simply, at any time, and from anywhere using Mazree’s mobile app available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play
  • Automatic Bidding—Buyers can place their maximum bid and let the platform go to work so they do not miss out on a purchase. This also helps the seller maximize the value they receive for the asset
  • Payment Processing—When an auction ends, Mazree automatically invoices and collects payment on the seller’s behalf
  • Auction Analytics—Sellers can access advanced purchase and auction analytics. Sellers can view trends, identify opportunities, and track every detail for each item sold
  • Asset Redeployment—Hospitals and health systems can utilize Mazree’s Redeployment Portal to redeploy assets within their own organization before they get sold

“We have clients that sell thousands of assets and recover more than $1 million each year just by implementing good processes for disposing of their used equipment,” says Curtis McEntire, CEO of Mazree. “We’re thrilled to partner with HAPevolve to provide this solution to hospitals in Pennsylvania. With access to our platform, they will be able to easily sell and capture significant revenue for their organizations.”

For more information, visit HAPevolve and Mazree

Featured image: Mazree allows hospitals to buy and sell medical equipment via listings on the company’s online platform.