Seven years ago, Master Medical Equipment (MME) opened its doors in Jackson, Tenn. with one simple goal—to provide quality, life-saving equipment at an affordable price to caregivers around the globe. Despite the initial growing pains, nothing could prepare them for the growth that has occurred since inception in 2011.

MME is a supplier of new and recertified defibrillators, patient monitors, EKG/ECG systems, ventilators, ESUs, pumps, and sensors to the professional medical community. Their appeal stems from a charismatic sales team that provides custom care for the everchanging needs of medical professionals such as physicians, EMTs, paramedics, and nurses.

After analyzing MME’s corporate model, company officials say it becomes apparent that customers cling to MME because of their flexibility and willingness to do what it takes to accommodate the buyers’ needs. They offer hefty warranties, fast shipping, and financing options to assist those with limited budgets. The MME equipment loan & rental program has proved to eliminate worry amongst providers. It was created to fill a void in the provider’s workflow and has shown to be a valuable asset to customers.  MME frowns upon wasting sound equipment, so they encourage trade-ups and trade-ins by offering impressive values for used equipment.

Owner and CEO Mark Taylor explains the importance of transparency in an industry that tends to overprice and underdeliver. “Our representatives work closely with equipment manufacturer reps to ensure that we have the latest product information. It is important for us to know product availability, recall status, and pipeline agendas on a daily basis because we want equipment offerings to be the best value for our clients,” Taylor says. “When our customers know that we are in tune with industry standards and expectations, it gives them a type of comfort that can’t be purchased as an add-on to their order. We want our customers to rely on us as their product specialists and to expect us to partner with them in case any questions come up in their workplace. That is part of our MME Promise; to be there when they need us.”

Sales results indicate that MME follows through on that promise. Since its inception in 2011, sales for MME have increased by 30% each year. That growth has been a direct reflection of business from repeat customers. As sales associates like to say, “The proof is in the pudding.” When a company offers everything that a person could ever ask, it spills over into the bottom line.

Another part of MME’s success story is their sister company, ReNew Biomedical.  Renew provides service and maintenance for defibrillators, AEDs, patient monitors, ECG/EKGs, ventilators, ESUs, and IV pumps. ReNew has also experienced their fair share of growing pains. Having only been around since 2015, ReNew has shown an impressive 325% growth built on quality repairs and responsive service.

Together, ReNew and MME operate under one roof to provide fast turnaround time and flexible service options for professionals who do not have the expertise nor the biomedical backup available at any given time. ReNew has seen much success in offering membership programs, facetime consultations, and a variety of rates for single & multiple unit service options. Their biomeds are military trained and certified which allow customers to feel confident in the protocols that make up their 5 Point Inspection Guarantee.

In a world full of web page façades, many people find comfort in the dynamic duo’s practical solutions and open-door policies.  Any customer is encouraged to visit both Renew & MME’s operations to see what kind of offerings they provide.

MME and Renew Biomedical operate by phone daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST and online 24 hours a day/ seven days a week. For more information, visit MME and ReNew Biomedical.