Marsh Medical, a newly created division of the Marsh Bellofram family of companies, has been established to help improve the wasteful paradigm of the medical device development process.

Indeed, device manufacturers must source parts from a dizzying array of suppliers, each requiring their own forms, processes, procedures, and follow-ups.

Marsh Medical offers a vast parts portfolio for manufacturers of medical devices and equipment, helping to ensure that just one call procures every part needed, all from a single point of contact, including custom parts.

Marsh Medical’s approach replaces the transactional relationship typical of most component sourcing. Medical device developers collaborate directly with a Marsh Medical ally for the life of the project. The full slate of component parts is delivered as a completely customized bundle.

“For too long, medical device and equipment manufacturing has been a tangled, time-consuming process of needless complexity and difficulty,” says William Bourne Jr., Marsh Bellofram medical director and the new division’s guiding force. “Marsh Medical eliminates that and gets you on the path to market with optimum efficiency.”

Marsh Medical has direct access to the myriad companies that form Marsh Bellofram, already among the largest parts contributors to medical devices. These sister companies, having mastered efficiencies in supply chain management during COVID-related demands, now provide these same practical product solutions through Marsh Medical. Ancillary parts not made by Marsh Medical are obtained with the consolidated buying power of a global enterprise.

With a history of manufacturing knowledge and broad expertise, the company aims to help manufacture, procure, design, and customize parts for a wide range of medical device applications. Additional relationships forged over a century in business create connections to source additional products as well.

Featured image: William Bourne Jr., Marsh Bellofram medical director and the new division’s guiding force. Photo: Marsh Medical