For fast and reliable musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnoses, Toshiba Medical offers the Aplio i-series ultrasound platform, expanding the utility of ultrasound for MSK imaging with enhanced resolution and penetration.

The Aplio i-series is an advanced and scalable ultrasound solution made up of the Aplio i700, Aplio i800, and Aplio i900. The systems include iPerformance technologies that deliver extreme processing power. A new beam-forming technology, iBeam, optimizes efficiency of the beam, increasing penetration for shoulder and deep muscle imaging, while maintaining outstanding spatial and contrast resolution, and at the same time reducing artifacts and clutter. The i800 offers advanced clinical applications and matrix transducers, including an ultra-high frequency transducer (24 MHz) that makes it easier for clinicians to image superficial MSK structures and also expand the utility of diagnostic ultrasound in a variety of clinical situations.

The Aplio i-series’ innovative iSense design provides intuitive ergonomics to boost productivity for both daily routine and complex exams. The systems offer an image-guided user interface, which visually guides the clinician through the exam to simplify system operation and help improve efficiency. To make ultrasound exams faster, the systems feature touch control screens and real-time Quick Scan, which makes automatic image adjustments without pushing a button.

“With the Aplio i-series, our customers have access to the high-quality imaging they rely on for confident diagnoses without sacrificing clinical efficiency or patient safety,” says Dan Skyba, director of the ultrasound business unit at Toshiba America Medical Systems. “By combining excellent image quality with brand new controls and ergonomic features in a real-time workflow, the Aplio i-series systems make ultrasound the go-to solution for musculoskeletal imaging, as well as for a wider array of imaging needs.”

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