Certified ultrasound facility Acertara Acoustic Laboratories has introduced two new ultrasound leakage testing products: AmpSafe, an electrical leakage analyzer for ultrasound transducers, and Accept, a probe adapter used with AmpSafe and other electrical leakage analyzers that interfaces with multiple styles of transducer connectors.

According to Acertara, AmpSafe incorporates a USB interface to connect to a PC for complete test report generation. The test report on AmpSafe includes detailed probe information, measurement values, tester identification, and the date to meet the upcoming Intersocietal Accreditation Commission guidelines. AmpSafe will be offered with a compact electrode designed to work with automated TEE disinfection stations like the CS Medical TD-100.

The patent-pending Accept probe adapter was designed to allow users to connect a single adapter to the AmpSafe tester with an expandable interface platform, which eliminates the need to connect or disconnect multiple adapters during testing. The Acertara R&D team also included electrical shock hazard prevention through Accept’s twist design.

“AmpSafe and Accept allow service personnel and caregivers to step into the digital age of electrical leakage testing,” said G. Wayne Moore, president and CEO of Acertara. “Our R&D team at Acertara leveraged years of experience in engineering technologically advanced test devices to develop a modern electrical leakage suite that focuses not only on patient safety but user safety, with reporting capabilities to comply with leakage testing requirements.”

For more information about the company’s ultrasound services and test suite, visit the Acertara Acoustic Laboratories website.