Regarding your answer to my previous question: There seems to be a problem with the CKV (video processor). The way to confirm that is by using a printer, if possible. You will get a blank print out. If that is the case it might require extra work. Do you have software with the unit as well as a recent backup? Yes to both questions. Thank you.

I would first try to install the software on a blank hard drive (80GB or more). IDE is what you need, this way you do not erase any information on the original one. This might take about an hour or so. If the software fixes the problem then everyone is happy, otherwise (which is most likely to happen) you need to replace the CKV.

You will need the system serial number, the option strings or codes, and it will require some work to convert it from the system that it came out of to match your system. For this you need the CKV part number from your system. It should have the following format: Three characters followed by six digits, it could start with TNO, KTI, or KTZ. In any case put KTZxxxxxx, followed by the numbers or digits (the six xs in the example).

Let us know if you need any help getting into the card cage and we will be happy to walk you through it.

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