New York-based Medidata and Median Technologies, based in Sophia Antipolis, France, have announced a new collaboration to streamline the growth and use of medical imaging in cancer clinical trials. Median Technologies will leverage the Medidata Clinical Cloud to accelerate the development of medicines in oncology with new, scalable image management services.

Imaging technologies are a major part of evaluating new patient treatments, allowing clinicians and sponsors to detect diseases, monitor outcomes, and determine therapy responses. Median Technologies, a services provider of image interpretation and management in oncology trials, will leverage Medidata Medical Imaging to transition its legacy imaging study management systems to a single digital environment, gaining access to configurable and intelligent image workflows, while still maintaining global regulatory standards.

“Our collaboration with Medidata will not only ease the management of images during clinical drug trials, it will enhance our analytical rigor, enabling our teams to extract high-quality imaging biomarkers for better study and patient outcomes,” says Jeanne Hecht, chief operating officer at Median Technologies. “Medidata’s imaging technology provides us with complementary capabilities to fulfill the unique research and development needs of our growing customer-base in Europe, Asia, and the United States. We’re dedicated to helping biopharmaceutical companies make more informed decisions to quickly bring new cancer therapies to market, and are thrilled to partner with Medidata to aid in those efforts.”

Medidata Medical Imaging provides workflow management and flexibility of image resources, working seamlessly with proprietary technologies like Median. The collaboration will provide Median with control and access to image data and performance metrics, while enabling automatic edit checks and de-identification.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Median, an organization that is setting the gold standard for diagnosing disease, developing new therapies, and treating patients through the use of medical images,” says Mike Capone, chief operating officer at Medidata. “Medidata considers the entire image management process, turning the challenge of this growing data source into a new opportunity for workflow intelligence, and we look forward to providing Median with the technology platform needed to make significant discoveries in the oncology space.”