Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc and McKesson Corporation have introduced the Horizon Medical Imaging Store 100, a low-cost picture archiving and communications system (PACS).

Unveiled on the second day of the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting in Chicago, the mini-PACS solution is available exclusively for Toshiba products and will enable smaller hospitals and imaging centers that don’t need an enterprise PACS to store data in a manageable cost-effective way.

Many facilities store data on DVDs rather than invest in a full enterprise PACS, which can hinder the ability to quickly locate a particular sought-after case.

Horizon Medical Imaging Store 100 offers the ability to store cases online, without requiring an enterprise PACS. If the practice needs to expand, the system can work as the building block for the full enterprise PACS capability of Horizon Medical Imaging.

The new system is compatible with Toshiba’s CT and ultrasound products, including the Aquilion CT product line and the Aplio XG, Nemio XG, and Xario ultrasound products. 

The archive allows for a combination of modalities to be connected at one time and allows for DICOM data review at the workstation, increasing efficiency.