Throughout the year, various organizations ask for your input, whether it’s a poll, a survey, or comments. The information gleaned from the responses can help lay the groundwork for the successful implementation of new programs, rulings, and/or processes.

Participation is important, but taking the time to make sure accurate information is given is even more important.

On August 1, 24×7 will once again open its annual compensation survey, and the most critical piece of information is an accurate salary. While the final results are only a guideline, they do help members of the profession when it comes time to ask for a raise, consider a move, etc.

Also important—the number of people that take the survey. The greater the number, the more relevant the results. Having only two BMET 1s in the Pacific take the survey, would not give a good representation of that area, so I hope you will take the survey when it opens and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Right now, the FDA is also asking for comments, both on the burgeoning use of apps in the medical community and on unique device identifiers.

Sharing your ideas and knowledge in this way can have a positive impact on the outcome and it gives you a chance to play a part in the future of your profession.